Export to other countries

We are proud to showcase and bring our high-quality restorations internationally, exporting to dynamic countries such as the United States, Canada, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

The Workshop

We carry out all kinds of mechanical repairs on any vehicle, using maximum professionalism and cutting-edge equipment. We also have the latest-generation machines for tyre replacement and vehicle set-up.

Dedicated electrical systems

We install electrical systems designed to manage multiple accessories, using the best materials on the market to cater for all requirements.

Example installations include: webastos, inverters, audio systems, lighting, radio transmitters and cameras.

Thanks to our experience, we can also design and build heavy-duty systems for extreme situations such as competitions and long-distance journeys, where reliability is essential.

Extreme off-road prepping

When it comes to extreme off-roading, we work with the best-known manufacturers of suspension systems and accessories. You'll find our off-road experience helpful in building your exclusive vehicle.

Custom-made parts and trim

Despite the huge range of products available on the market, our customers can't always find exactly what they're looking for. That's why we can build reinforced or enhanced parts, to make any customer's dream come true!

Control units reprogramming

Thanks to its network of contacts, Officina Lampo can reprogram and remap control units, to boost power and optimise consumption.


Prepping a vehicle is important, but compliance with rules and regulations is even more so. That's why each build is certified according to legal requirements.